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About us

Shaanxi Interface Limited is a group company which have the biggest wet-wipes and tampons production base in Asia.

During the last 15 years,we provide  OEM serivce for over 30 big brands' wet-wipe products.  Our fully automatic production line (including robot packing and  pallesting ) could offer our client the report for every 20mins, we will responsilbel ofr reclling all quality problems.  Based on our labs and research center, we could offer you the services to make the wipes become the interface to achieve  your demands and ideas.

In the year 2017, our tampon project with total investment of $70 million started.  This new generation tampon has the world's leading technology. At 8:00 p.m. on Nov. 7th, 2018 , our first tampon was completed. Which means our three fully automated production lines (Made in Italy) has begun to operate successfully, Producing ONE MILLION pcs tampon target was finally achieved.

If you are looking for high grade wet wipes, if you want to realize  new functions by wet wipes, you  never need to worry about product quality and research capability.

If you are looking for tampons' factory,  pls also contact us.



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