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  • Revitalizing & Anti-perspirant Wipes
  • Revitalizing & Anti-perspirant Wipes
  • Revitalizing & Anti-perspirant Wipes
Revitalizing & Anti-perspirant WipesRevitalizing & Anti-perspirant WipesRevitalizing & Anti-perspirant Wipes

Revitalizing & Anti-perspirant Wipes

 One piece,Cool


Size:140mm X 150mm X 10PCS

Main ingredients:Wood pulp cloth, EDI purified water, Astragalus membranaceus, Rhizoma Atractylodis Macrocephalae, Divaricate Saposhnikovia Root, Matricaria recutita , Acacia bark, Licorice, Compound cooling agent, Antiperspirant, Spearmint oil.

Application: Driving sleepy, meeting and class nap, one piece cooling, Avoid embarrassment danger. Mint talcum powder is cool and antiperspirant, which is easy to remove the sleepy and has no sticky feeling.

Usage: Tear the Sawtooth to use.

Precautions: Avoid using on eyes, mouth, wounds and other sensitive areas. children should be used under the guidance of the adult.

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