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  • Disposable Medical Gloves Wipes- Wash-free-12pcs/bag
Disposable Medical Gloves Wipes- Wash-free-12pcs/bag

Disposable Medical Gloves Wipes- Wash-free-12pcs/bag

  • Package:12pcs/bag
  • Bathing wipes-Wash-free
  • Medical care wipes
  • Disposable Gloves wipes


Description: Medical care gloves wipes

Material: 100g pearl dot spunlace non-woven fabric

Size: 200*190*150mm

Qty: 12pcs/bag

Package: 36bags/ctn

Ctn size:495*235*225mm

Main raw materials:

Spun lace non-woven fabric, EDI purified water, Betaine, Chlorhexidine Digluconate

, Aloe essence, Chamomile extract, Glycerin, Benzophenol Chlorine.

Product features :

It is used for Bedridden patients, LCU Ward, After surgery.,Travel, Tourism, Camping. It's used for solving the bathing problem.  when it is not convenient and absence of water.

Range of application:

Suitable for limited mobility or Bedridden patients

Suitable for skin cleaning & bacteriostatic before and after surgery.

It can replace bath when bathing is not convenient.


Sterilization.,No irritation, Moisturizing skin.,Go grease and Decontamination.

There are 12 pieces ‘gloves wipes in the package . when shower.,4 pieces 'Gloves wet wipes are available. A piece is used for face. A piece is used for rubbing. A piece is used for personal care. A piece is used for washing thighs and feet. 4 pieces is ok. The whole body bathes cleanly. A pack can be washed three times.

* 100 000 GMP clean production control environment, safe, clean and hygienic

*Natural antimicrobial activity factors, 99 % inhibition

*Natural surface active element, could eliminate oil and grease easily

*Natural skin moisturizing element, could eliminate itching

*No flavoring, alcohol, preservatives, no fluorescent agents

*Cotton Soft feeling, non-irritating


Open the seal according to the packaging arrow, remove the wet towel for use, and paste the seal

Back in place to keep the wipes moist.

For heating, the whole package can be immersed in hot water and heated, or the whole package can be heated for 1 minute in the microwave oven.


1、This product is a disposable hygiene products, do not reuse

2、Do not throw wet towels into the toilet so as not to clog up


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